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Tino and Raquel saved a lot of money on their home (on a pond with water feature) in Glendale Heights IL

Drew and Lauren love their new home in the Fremont school district of Mundelein IL    --  I think they look a little like Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston - don't you?  Really nice folks 

Helped Ravi and Rakhee purchase a very nice home in Naperville IL.  We hope to have a biryani cook off contest between my many past home buyer clients from India in the near future!  I receive many referrals from my past clients from India, because they really appreciate how well I negotiate.  (Something highly respected and sought after.)

Helped Brian and Nikki purchase the home of their dreams in Barrington IL.  They were a lot of fun to work with.  We plan on having more than a few BBQ's together in the coming years.

Worked with Venu and Suchetha for two years to help them find their perfect home in Aurora IL.   Negotiated a purchase price that was $14,000 under the appraised value.

Helped Wang purchase a very nice home in Deer Park IL in June 2014 - for a great price, and helped negotiate about $30,000 in home inspection credits.  New copper valleys and cedar shake shingles, new sidewalk, more insulation, some new windows & more.

Helped Francisco win by a hair in a multiple offer situation for this highly sought after re-hab property in Berwyn IL.  The interior kitchen and baths etc. are very well done.

Helped John and Linda identify (out of the 16 towns they were considering) - which town would be the best for their needs, given home for the money, style of home, quality of elementary, middle and high schools, and other criteria that were ranked and prioritized.  Hit all their priorities with this home in Crystal Lake Illinois

Helped Anand and Chitra purchase a home in Aurora IL that involved a relocation company screwing up a winterization and subsequent refurbishment and then de-winterization that resulted in multiple re-inspections due to listing firm screw ups.  Listing firm was very non-transparent and non-forthcoming so we had to reveal their various errors and negotiate and refer vendors to identify the true issues.

Helped Margaret & Jean-Louis overcome some roadblocks en route
to closing that no other agent or lender could have overcome!
The happy new homeowners of a condo in Buffalo Grove!

Jim and Kristin - $24,000 under appraised price
for their home in Hawthorn Woods IL

Ashraf and Ghazala - $31,000 under appraised price, Naperville IL

Carlos - Townhome in Schaumberg IL

Nick and Jess - New Construction, Huntley IL

Greg and Erin (Referred from 2 different past clients at the same time!)
(10% off plus 5k closing cost credit versus the average price off for Arlington Heights IL  of 4.5% at the time.  Helped negotiation various home inspection fixes and credits

Some text testimonials.....

Jen and I wanted to take a moment and thank you for all of your hard work and. most importantly, your never ending patience!

True to your word to the very end, you removed the stress and hassle of dealing with traditional real estate agents/brokers by always looking out for our best interests and never making us feel under pressure to make a hasty decision.

Your thorough research of all of the homes that met our criteria (which changed MANY times during the course of our search!) was essential in locating the perfect home and negotiating a fair purchase price.

Being first time homebuyers, it was such a relief to know we had true professionals in our corner who would always take the time to explain the in's and out's of every property we toured, all the while making sure we were aware of any potential problems.

I believe everyone should have that kind of unbiased "insider information" when buying a home --- and you made sure we had all the information needed to make our very important decision.

As Jen and I settle in to our first home, we can't help but smile at our good fortune having found you. We not only found our Dream Home at a Dream Price, but, through your contacts, we obtained a remarkable lender and attorney as well, making our home buying process easier still.

It is remarkable in this day and age that a company that speaks of its pride in Customer Service and Loyalty not only lived up to their claims, but far exceeded their customer's expectations.

It’s no doubt that the only way to buy a home is with the help of an exclusive buyers agent. It is the only way to know you are not getting shafted!!!

Having an exclusive buyer’s agent is having an expert in your corner who’s interests in the transaction are the same as yours….saving as much money as possible on the purchase of the home.

It’s piece of mind. I think every first-time home buyer should be required to use an exclusive buyer’s agent! Thank you again for your superior service and rest assured that we will highly recommend you to anyone in the market for a new home. Sincerely, Ken and Jen

-- You were so patient with us as first-time-homebuyers.

You didn't hesitate to show us as many properties as we needed to see in order to make an intelligent and informed decision.

You negotiated hard on three different properties for us - and got us the best deal of the three, and over $30,000 of savings between the price-off, loan savings, and home inspection and closing cost credits.

You pointed out ahead of time that one house would need about $40,000 in fixes that were not obvious to us. In that way - we saved a lot of money buy not making an offer on it - and then wasting money on a home inspection, only to find that the house wouldn't be up to our standards - and then having to do it all over again. We are so grateful that we found you! Mark and Nicole B.

 As a first time homebuyer, I didn't know what I could expect from the process.

You explained his background and the process of buying real estate. After interviewing me in-depth – listening to really understand my needs and priorities --- you set up a web service which was very targeted to my exact needs.

This gave me a wide variety of housing types to look at. After reviewing the written comments I made on each property, you listened to my concerns and worked with me to narrow down the list of properties.

You pointed out features of properties that would be beneficial or harmful, rather than trying to "sell" me on a property as a regular agent might.

At the closing – you were with me until the very end. You worked with my attorney to fix various issues that came up during the closing.

You also looked over the final documents and found several items that were overlooked. I am confident that my home purchasing experience was smoother, and through your due diligence, cost far less than if I had proceeded using a traditional buyer's agent who worked for a company that also listed property for sale.

Thanks for a fantastic, fun, and profitable experience! Sincerely, Rob B

-- As a first time homebuyer, you helped me purchase a 3 bedroom, 2 bath townhome in Hoffman Estates in the low 200's for $20,000 off of market value.

It wasn't a "fixer upper" but rather had a brand new Trane Furnace and Bradword White hot water heater that other buyers overlooked. Apparently - other buyers bypassed it because the floorboards in the hall upstairs were warped and creaky – and some other issues which you helped convince them to fix, during the home inspection phase.

Most buyers can't see past the faults that can be easily fixed - and they overlook the major things. They get enamored by the "fluff" and decorating.

You taught me what a great value this property was! Whenever I do anything, whether it's making a big purchase, planning a vacation, researching a new product, or almost anything else, I like to do my research first.

I always like to have as much information as I can before I make a decision. I did lot of research online – and read a lot of articles.

It just seemed like common sense that if I was going to use an agent it should be an Exclusive Buyer's Agent. Why wouldn't I want someone who's only working for me, versus someone who can be committed to the seller in some sense (even though they may not admit it).- through their training, the majority of their work they conduct, kissing-up to their "friends" in their office or in other offices - to help get their own listings shown, and even how they are compensated (where they make more the worse they do for you.) Thank you, thank you, thank you - for getting me such an amazing place at an amazing price! I can't thank you enough!!! Heather S.

-- You were very good at showing us homes that were "on target" in terms of what we were looking for. You found us an amazing house for an amazing price, and had the seller the majority of the home inspection issues that we wanted. It is too bad that the traditional Real Estate industry would like to keep Exclusive Buyer Agency a secret – but I guess if the state exposed it as a consumer option in their consumer disclosure brochure – the traditional mega brokers would lose business – and that will never happen because the mega brokers control what the state legislators do - via their PAC money. George and Lauri G.

-- Thanks for all your help in buying our first home. The advice and guidance you provided was invaluable. We are extremely happy with the home purchasing process that you took us through.

You provided us great confidence in knowing that you had our best interests in mind. Thanks for tirelessly sending us home listings and for visiting numerous homes with us.

We appreciate your hard work, effort, and patience during the process. We are entirely grateful for your expertise and for giving us a positive home buying experience. Thanks for all your help!

Enclosed - a $50 gift card from Target for you, for all of your hard work for us! -- Isaac and Tina

--- You did a GREAT JOB for me. You helped me identify several homes in Buffalo Grove that met my criteria perfectly – saving me a ton of time.

You explained all the forms, procedures, and sophisticated negotiation strategies you use to help your clients buy a home at the best possible price.

Through your information research about the seller - you helped negotiate a great sales price. You were very easy to contact and talk with, and if there was a voice mail, it was returned promptly - usually within 5 minutes.

You were very patient and attentive to my questions and goals. I had worked with other Realtors in the past - including those "big faces" seen on billboards - and they were very unresponsive. I highly recommend your services! -- Jim S

--- I wanted to drop you a line to thank you on behalf of Donna and myself for all of your hard work and efforts.

We are very pleased with our new home and have had a very pleasurable experience through the whole process.

Your efforts for "attention to detail" and effort have not gone on without notice. Your follow-up on all the details and "detail orientation" made our state to state experience a worry-free experience.

Please feel free to give my name out for any reference to any future clients. It would be our pleasure to talk to them and share our worry free experience with them and put them at ease knowing that your company is always working 100% in their best interests. We used your services because we were tired of dealing with agents who don't care about the buyer. You clearly displayed how you work very hard in the buyer's best interests. I'll definitely be referring you to friends and family. -- Steve S

---Our transition to Illinois from Utah was smooth and stress free. You worked closely with us to gain an understanding of the type of home, neighborhood, and amenities we were interested in. You became familiar with our busy working schedules and took the time to preview each of the properties that fit within our budget and our interests. This saved us a great deal of time.

We narrowed down the neighborhoods we were interested in and you took it upon yourself to research all of the amenities, schools, local establishments, and general property history and information.

You supplied us with a lot of great information and educated us on the Lake Zurich area.

You truthfully brought to light BOTH the positives and negatives of each property we saw - so that we could make the most informed decision possible.

In addition to helping us with the purchase of our new home, you gave us contact names and numbers for lenders, home inspectors, lawyers, insurance agents, and moving companies. He was helpful in getting us in contact with each of these individuals and making sure all of our home purchasing needs and requirements were covered.

I would work with your company again for future home purchasing needs, and will highly recommend you to anyone I know. -- Jim B and Kristen H

--- We received the best home buying experience we have ever had.

You are an awesome negotiator!! You negotiated a huge price concession on a new luxury townhouse in Downtown Chicago, and went up against the “Donald Trump” of Chicago (big name developer) and whacked him down $200,000.

Our experience wasn't just about getting a great property at a great price - it was about having the confidence that we were provided with the best research to find what we really wanted, and that we would receive the guidance we needed - in all aspects of the transaction - including clearly knowing what we should or should not really pay, based on recent comparable sales, and market conditions.

We highly recommend you and your company to anyone. You had our best interests at heart and made the home buying experience relaxing, fun, and enjoyable! Great sense of humor!! -- Jay and Lynn

--- You showed me a sampling of homes in different communities, so that I could get a feel for what was really out there. You gave me great information about what it was like to live in each area -- the advantages and disadvantages.

You listened to my needs very well, and was very good at showing me homes that hit the mark. There was a property that I liked that went under contract just after I saw it. Rather than just give up and throw in the towel - you used your amazing detective skills - and we just barely outbid the other offer, and I got the house I wanted!

I couldn't believe it! You did what it took to make me a very happy camper and get the home I really wanted. Instead of me coming to you - sometimes you drove over to my house (as I didn't have a fax machine or scanner) to get the signatures that were needed. You really believe in personal service. I highly recommend you and your company to anyone who is looking for their next house. -- Michael D

--- You really listened to us and asked the right questions about our housing needs up-front - and you only showed us properties that "hit the mark" with us.

It wasn't just about the housing though – you asked about our community preferences and what type of lifestyle we really wanted.

You gave us a very nice home buyer guide that explained all the in's and out's of buying a home - which included property comparison worksheets, negotiation tips, loan application procedures, closing procedures and other items. It was like receiving Rolls Royce treatment in a Chevy Cavalier world. -- Armondo and Julia B.